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SCAI Mission Statement

To source, support and grow the best in class companies and talent in Bulgaria and the Region of Southeast Europe (SEE) in the field of future technologies.

To bring the country and SEE to world class level in the space of AI, Fintech and Blochchain.

To cooperate with centers of excellence, such as Sophia Lab, NCSA and Sofia Tech Park to ensure we all unite capabilities to make a massive difference in the Information Technology space.

To build upon Bulgaria's reputation and capabilities in the high performance supercomputer space with the country just now being selected as one of the only eight hosts of a EuroHPC centre in Europe.

This is an invaluable platform for optimizing Big Data, Machine Learning, robotics etc. to solve humanity's biggest problems from terminal diseases to climate change and make Europe a leading technology region globally.  


Partners & Stakeholders



  PRACE (Partnership for Advanced Computing in Europe) is an international not-for-profit association, seated in Brussels. Its 26 member countries create a pan-European supercomputing infrastructure, which provides access to computing and data management resources and services for large-scale scientific and engineering applications at the highest performance level.

The mission of PRACE is to enable high-impact scientific discovery and engineering research and development across all disciplines to enhance European competitiveness.

Sophia Lab


Sophial Lab is the leading digital transformation and national development think tank in the Balkans.

Its members include the top financial institutions, telecoms and IT companies.

The National Center for Supercomputing Applications


The NCSA was established in Bulgaria in 2008 with the aim of promoting and regulating high-performance processing operations of scientific information.

The NCSA works in affiliation with scientists and researchers from the Sofia University, the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, the Technical and Medicaluniversities in Sofia, as well as other organizations. 

The center is under the jurisdiction of the State Agency for Information Technology and Communications (SAITC).


Scientists, practitioners, dreamers, investors, impact-makers, business professionals


In 2018 we started discussing and in January 2019 we have incorporated SCAI and set it on its journey towards fulfilment of its Mission and Objectives... 



The coming years will require massive amounts of high-quality research, organization and investments - delivered easily, efficiently, and at scale. 

Our mission is to help our society, academic and business community to meet that challenge. 

Immediate objective


For 2019-2020, the primary objective of the Bulgarian Strategic Center for Artificial Intelligence is to develop, share, promote and execute ideas about how AI can be used to tackle the most difficult societal and business problems. 

We believe that this agenda can best be tackled by a genuine partnership between altogether national and EU public, academic and leading private stakeholders. 


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